Do you have an email list and don't know how to SEND periodic emails to them?
eEngine will provide you that capability.

After having an account with eEngine, you will be able to send periodic emails to your customers.

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Do you want to BUILD your customers' database and do not know how?
eEngine can build it for you according to your needs.

We have a flexible system that will help you in building & classify your customers' database.

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Do you want to INCREASE your customers' base quickly and effectively?
This can be done easily with eEngine

As much you send emails via eEngine system, as much your customers' base will be increased.

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eEngine Email Marketing
solution advantages

eEngine email marketing system is a cloud based solution that you can use to Create, Send and Track effective email campaigns that help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

  • Verification System
    • You will be able to add all emails, then our system will verify it first if these emails are working or not.
    • After that, our system will automatically will classify your emails by country, then you will have the ability to send your email campaigns to selected countries.
  • Sending system
    • All what you need to build your target customers database with the availability to increase it.
    • Detailed reports to know who opened the message, and who clicked on the URLs included in the newsletter.
    • Ability to compare your email campaigns to improve your results with time.
    • We offer friendly user interface to send, manage, and monitor your interactive email campaigns.
    • Powerful reporting feature.
  • Value added services
    • eEngine can provide iFrame to integrate your website with your mailing list.
    • eEngine can host your website and protect your website from hackers.
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Email Marketing features:
Easy - Fast - Effective

  • Considered as one of the fastest digital marketing tools in achieving sales and marketing targets.
  • Lower cost than other digital marketing tools.
  • Enables your business to achieve high ROI.
  • Reach targeted clients directly.
  • Effective brand awareness tool.
  • Can be used in corporate loyalty program.
  • And more...


Reliable servers

o We are using a secured, fast, and reliable servers that can send concurrent many email campaigns to get excellent results.

Database tools

You will be able to go in deep details and know each email activity/country/who clicked on URLs included in the newsletters.


We have professional developers who can tailor your needs and customize eEngine Email Marketing solutions according to your needs.

Plans and pricing

Start Up

$ 125 / Monthly

  • Verify 5,00 (new) emails daily
  • Send to 10,000 (white list) email daily


$ 250 / Monthly

  • Verify 1,000 (new) emails daily
  • Send to 25,000 (white list) email daily


$ 500 / Monthly

  • Verify 5,000 (new) emails daily
  • Send to 50,000 (white list) email daily